Research Areas

Multiscale Injury Biomechanics

The force transfer to the brain from an external impact is complex and not fully understood. The goal of this research is to study mechanotransduction in both real-world impacts and laboratory models in order to better understand loading thresholds and  In these studies, the goal is to better understand cellular tolerances to defined traumatic loading conditions, focusing on direct damage to the plasma membrane (i.e. mechanoporation). Dr. LaPlaca is also studying macroscopic “mechanotransduction” using a closed head animal model of mild TBI as well as by measuring football helmet impacts. The development of concussion tolerance criteria is dependent on defined immediate symptoms (see acute assessment of mild TBI) as a function of biomechanical event descriptors. To find out more, click here.

Acute Injury Response

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Assessment

Targeted Repair of the Injured Brain